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January to March


New Year kicked off with the usual New Year's Eve Party. On New Year's Day the traditional Paper Boat Race is held in the harbour. Strict rules govern their construction and the trick seems to be to make sure yours doesn't sink!  If it travels in the right direction faster than the others that is a bonus. Ours was attractive but was an early capsizer. Good fun, followed by mulled wine, etc. aboard Albertine. Andy our winter harbour master won the race - we wondered why? Years of experience!

New year's eve Paper boat race

New year's Eve                                 Paper boat race - before the start

Paper boat race Visit to Haarlem

Paper boat race                                Visit to Haarlem and big beach walk

We visited Dutch friends (and bargees) Rebecca and Michel in Haarlem and had a super weekend including museums, shopping and a big beach walk. A week or two later we were struck by the big freeze. Fiona and Mike arrived for the February Beer Festival in the middle of a blizzard! This did not stop us sampling a good number of the hundreds on beers on offer. We even managed to stay on our feet on the slippery streets on the way home. Mid Februiary we drove to Burgundy for a few days with Jan and Ian.  What a beautiful area - we long to cruise there.  We took a close look at the Pouilly tunnel (both ends) and decided to give it a miss........

Snow and ice! Brugge beer festival

Snow and ice!                                  Brugge beer festival

Weekend in BurgundyPouilly tunnel

Weekend in Burgundy                            Pouilly tunnel

In early February John had his 65th birthday, so another reason for a party.  Then Janet came to stay.  Her appetite for sightseeing is legendary!  Where does she get her energy? It was lovely to see her again.

Carriage ride with Sue and IanJanet's visit

John's birthday                                Janet's visit

March 10th was DBA Flag Day. We celebrated with a big supper on board with local barge friends. The following week Jan and Ian and their little dog Loveday came for a few days on their way to England.  Time to catch up with all the gossip and lots of laughs.

DBA flag dayHome from home for Loveday

DBA flag day                                   Home from home for Loveday

Signs of spring in the air and Edd and Tash drove over to see us. We did all the "tourist bit" and it was great fun to share it with them.  Amonst our many maintenance jobs we installed a new "AIS System" which will enable us to see and be seen on the waterways - a great safety feature.  A new hot water tank (specially made) will enable us to heat the water off the engine when we are travelling.  A very awkward place indeed, but luckily it all fitted and worked. Clever Chris!

Edd and Tash visitA spot of DIY

Edd and Tash visit                             A spot of DIY

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